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Secondary Glazing Derby

Secondary Glazing Window Specialists Serving Derby

We are Secondary Glazing Derby, being specialists in Derbyshire, utilising one of the UK’s premier manufacturers to create tailor-made secondary windows. With over a decade of industry expertise, we exclusively install the finest Secondary Glazing Windows available.

Why Fit Secondary Glazing?

Secondary Glazing Window Benefits

Homeowners opt for secondary glazed windows due to their inherent benefits, namely quietness, warmth, and security. These three essential features serve as the foundation of our distinctive secondary glazing system, and as a result, an increasing number of homeowners are embracing the advantages of secondary glazing.

Noise Reduction

Secondary glazing offers the most effective levels of noise reduction on today’s market, significantly outperforming all other glass solutions. Our bespoke secondary glazing is manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery to lock-in a tightly sealed frame, reducing noise levels by up to a whopping 80%.

Enhanced Security

Given the high priority of security, secondary glazing presents a unique and additional deterrent against potential intruders. It is incredibly difficult to open from the outside, creating an extra layer of defense against forced entry. Our frames, made from durable, high-quality aluminum, are securely fixed to resist any attempts of forcing.

Thermal Insulation

If draughty windows are of bigger concern for your property, secondary glazing adds an extra layer of defence to guard your home against heat loss. The small gap between your existing window and the secondary unit effectively acts as an insulator, creating a separate layer of air between the two which can reduce heat loss by up to 65%.

Seamless Aesthetics

The sleek, modern design of our secondary glazing systems ensures that you’re able to enjoy all the acoustic, thermal and security benefits, without having to compromise on style.

Secondary Glazing Derby
Our Products - Purpose-built to suit all property and window types

Our secondary glazing product range comes in six different variations.

Our horizontal sliding units are versatile and suitable for a range of windows, including casement and fixed types. They open from side to side, feature a slim design, and provide easy access for cleaning and ventilation. These units are particularly well-suited for windows with vertical bars.

Our hinged secondary glazing windows, free of transoms or mullions, offer an unobtrusive view. They open like doors and can be equipped with either a multi-point locking system or butt hinges. These units are a perfect match for casement, patio, and large sash windows.

Similar to our fixed units in concept and design, our lift-out secondary glazing offers easy frame removal. This feature allows for increased airflow and improved access for cleaning, making them an excellent choice for windows that require only occasional access.

Regardless of your existing window’s shape or size, we can manufacture custom secondary units tailored to your requirements. There are virtually no limits to the designs and styles we can create, making them an ideal match for any curved or non-standard shaped windows.

Our vertical sliding units open from top to bottom and can include a special slide pass or tilt-in function. This enables each panel to pivot inwards individually, allowing for easy access and cleaning. These units are an ideal choice for sash windows.

Our fixed units stand as independent windows, permanently fitted on the inside of existing doors or windows. They are the perfect choice for rooms with limited space.

Our Ranges
Classic or Enhanced Secondary Glazing Window Options

At Secondary Glazing Derby, we proudly present six distinctive product types, all of which are offered in either our Classic or Enhanced range. Within each range, you can indulge in slim sightlines, seamless installation, and remarkable thermal and acoustic performance, leaving you genuinely spoiled for choice.


Our tried and trusted range, Classic products are able to accommodate 4mm glazing and come fully equipped with slimline, durable frames that allows for exceptional style, functionality and performance. The Classic range is what put Granada on the map, keeping homes quiet, warm and secure for over 35 years.


Everything you’ve come to expect from Granada products, but with ultra-strong aluminium frames that support up to 10.8mm glass for enhanced noise reduction and thermal insulation. This improvement in performance comes at no expense of style though, as our enhanced frames are super-sleek for superior, unobtrusive aesthetics.

Secondary Glazing Window Company Derby Secondary Glazing Derby
Classic and Enhanced Secondary Glazing Options

Horizontal Slider

Slim, Versatile & Stylish

Arguably the most popular product in the entire range, our horizontal sliding units offer a sleek, slimline design aesthetic with minimal sight lines.

Whether it’s for a period property, listed building or city centre apartment, our horizontal sliders seamlessly blend to their surroundings and provide extensive thermal and acoustic benefits, without even the slightest compromise on style.

Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 panel configurations, horizontal sliding units can be used to treat even the largest of glass expanses, with brass rollers as standard to ensure effortless sliding along the frame.

Granada Glazing Horizontal Slider
Secondary Glazing Horizontal Slider Fitted

Vertical Slider

Vintage Looks With Modern Functionality

Ideal for homeowners that are either unable to replace their existing sash windows or don’t want to ruin their unique charm, our vertical sliding units provide all the advantages of modern living without impacting the façade.

Granada Glazing Vertical Slider
Secondary Glazing Vertical Slider Fitted
Slide Pass Capability

Our vertical sliding units can be manufactured with slide pass functionality, which enables the two panels to slide completely past one another, ensuring the whole of the secondary unit can be accessed and cleaned.

Tilt-in Capability

For unlimited access, our vertical sliding units can be manufactured with a unique tilt-in feature, which enables both panels to individually pivot up to 180° inwards for
supreme access.

Hinged Unit

For Any Style of Window

Slimline Hinged Unit

Our slimline hinged units open inwards like a door and feature butt hinges. With hinges that can be positioned on either side of the unit, or hung from the top should the room require, this product is perhaps the most adaptable in our entire range.

Hinged Unit

For larger glass expanse’s we offer a hinged unit variation which supports windows larger windows and allows for 28mm acoustic double glazing.

Double Slimline Hinged Unit

A two-panel variation of our slimline hinged unit. As with our standard double hinged unit, this product is ideal for larger glass expanses, effortlessly complimenting them with sleek, refined sightlines.

Double Hinged Unit

Much the same as our hinged unit, but with two panels as opposed to one for wider glass expanses. Also able to accommodate 28mm acoustic double glazing.

Tilt & Turn Hinged Unit

A hinged unit that opens from either the left or the right and can be tilted open from the top allowing for additional ventilation.

Granada Glazing Hinged Unit
Secondary Glazing Hinged Unit Fitted

Lift Out Unit

Durable and Lightweight

The lift-out units offer an ideal solution for existing windows, granting occasional access. They effectively deter heat loss and external noise when fixed to either the face or the reveal of the existing window. Made with a lightweight aluminum profile, they can be easily removed if needed.

Slimline Lift Out

As a standard feature, our lift-out units come in a slimline variation, featuring an ultra-thin aluminum frame for smaller sightlines. These slimline units deliver incredible thermal and acoustic efficiency.

Granada Glazing Lift Out Unit
Secondary Glazing Lift Out Unit Fitted

Fixed Unit

Solid & Dependable

Offering a minimalistic, maintenance-free option, our fixed secondary glazing features an independent unit neatly fitted inside the primary window. As a cost-effective alternative to complete window replacement, fixed units provide substantial noise reduction, improved thermal performance, and enhanced security.

Continuing to be among our most popular selections, fixed units combine simple design features with remarkable performance benefits, making them an ideal choice for virtually any property type.

Other Key Features:

• Up to 10.8mm glazing available.

• Choose from over 200 RAL colours.

• Ideal for commercial and residential properties.

• Backed by a 10-year guarantee.

• Ultra-slim durable aluminium frames.

Secondary Glazing Derby Secondary Glazing Fixed Unit Fitted

Bespoke & Arched Units

Complete Customisation

Our decades of industry-leading experience and superior craftsmanship means we’re able to manufacture virtually any style and shape of window precisely to spec.

No matter the size or shape of the primary window, we’re able to produce an effective secondary glazing solution that offers extensive acoustic, thermal and security benefits. From arched and bay windows, to curved and circular glass, we have the facilities to curve and bend our aluminium profile in-house, as well as the expertise to produce angled secondary windows.

Other Key Features:

• Custom frames manufactured to order.

• Curved and arched frames available.

• Choose from over 200 RAL colours.

• Ideal for commercial projects of all sizes.

• Colour coded hardware available.

• Backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Secondary Glazing Derby Secondary Bespoke & Arched Units Fitted
Secondary Glazing for Listed Buildings
Preserving character and charm

Our bespoke secondary glazing range serves as the perfect solution for listed properties and homes nestled within conservation areas.

In situations where replacing windows is impractical, secondary glazing emerges as the optimal choice. Offering the expected thermal and acoustic advantages of a 21st-century window system while preserving the distinctive aesthetics of the primary window.

Sleek, unobtrusive design.

Enhancing the thermal and acoustic performance of your listed property should never compromise its character.

Our complete range of bespoke secondary glazing products feature durable, slimline aluminium frames that perfectly complement the existing window stylings.

With our solution, you can seamlessly improve your home’s insulation and soundproofing while preserving its unique charm.

Increased performance.

When it comes to keeping external noise at bay and maintaining optimal heat retention, installing secondary glazing stands out as the most effective method.

Our ultra-high-performance frames, in particular, excel in this aspect. Capable of reducing external noise levels by up to 80% and heat loss by up to 65%.

The best part? All these remarkable benefits are achieved while preserving your property’s authentic aesthetics.

Secondary Glazing for Listed Buildings Derby
Secondary Glazing Fitters in Derby